Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday morning training run

I've done a few runs over the past couple of weeks but only about 3-4 miles which have taken about 40 mins or so each and have felt dreadful (I don't like running in the cold)!

Set off this morning for a longer run on one of my training routes up to a pub called the Romping Donkey and back (a circuit of just over 7 miles... and no, I didn't call in for one ;-). It was bright but windy whilst changing into my running gear but by the time I'd got out and into the town centre it was raining. The rain came heavier then turned to sleet!... Yuk!
Despite this, the run wasn't too bad. Felt good apart from a niggle in my left knee which I initially ran off but got worse towards the end of the run. Did the circuit in about an hour and fifteen mins (but walked the last half mile so as not to aggravate the knee). All in all quite pleased!

D :-)

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