Sunday, 3 January 2010

Signing Off for 2009...

A little later than I'd planned but I thought I should wrap up my 2009 running blog in a tidy manner :-)

I've come to realise this year how much I actually enjoy the running and also what a difference it makes to being able to keep the weight off (even though it sometimes feels like I just move the injuries around my aching legs!).

I should say a few thankyou's...

Thanks to everyone who has supported me with a donation to either The Isaiah Trust or the RNLI... You know who you are and that you're money will be used wisely and well by the charity recipients. Your support was a massive motivator for me in helping covering the runs and put in the training! Thank you!

Thanks to Nicky and Tim for letting me run for the Isaiah Trust in 2009! Keep up the fantastic work! I hope I can help you out again in 2010!

Thanks to Lisa and Chloe and all at the RNLI for allowing me to run again for the RNLI and all the help and organisation you gave... And mostly for the RNLI being there when I needed you! A debt I feel will never be truly repaid! I can't run the GNR in 2010 as it clashes with my Wedding Anniversary but I will run some other runs... Watch this space ;-)

Thanks to my one and only BLOG follower "Akkers" and well done on your time on the GNR!

Thanks to Rob for the one and only comment on my blog! ;-)

Thanks to Rachel for adding my blog in to her internet explorer favorites!

Thanks to the Physio's at Sandbach Physiotherapy & sport's injury clinic for mending me and keeping me going! ;-)

And last but not least, Thanks to Karen and the girls for your support and for just being there! xx

I've enjoyed keeping a running blog... It really has been a motivator in it's own right, if only to avoid the guilt of long spaces between training runs! I hope you've enjoyed it! I think I may keep another in 2010 :-)

Happy New Year all!

D :-)


  1. wow - you know more than one Rob :-)

  2. wow - more than one Rob who gets through the blog funny letters security ( again !)

  3. Thanks for all of your support Dave - we'll miss you at the GNR this year but hope to catch up somewhere else instead!

    Lisa & Chloe - RNLI