Saturday, 10 October 2009

After Dinner Speech for the Alsager RNLI Ladies Guild

Well... I survived the after dinner speech last night to the Alsager RNLI ladies guild and guests... All 200+ of them! Met some lovely and interesting folk!

If I've learned one thing this year it'll be that there's a LOT of good people in the world, despite what the newspapers would have you believe. Kinda restores your faith in humanity!

The Alsager RNLI ladies guild were formed in 1951 and Mrs Wetherby who I met last night (who asked me to do the talk) was one of the founder members and still takes a leading role in the fundraising with the help of some very nice friends! Stunning that a land locked town like Alsager can muster over 200 people to support an RNLI event! Well done ladies!!!

After last nights very generous donations, my run totals for this year now stand at £1,359! Thanks all!


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