Friday, 17 April 2009

Abersoch 10k

Not done any further runs since Monday... Had a streaming cold which is clearing now so hoping to get out this weekend...

I have entered the Abersoch 10k race though! ~ . It's the first time they've held this and it sounds a bit grueling! A mile along the beach, up onto some tracks along the golf course, 1/3 mile up a VERY steep hill, a few miles around neighboring Sarnbach and back down for another mile along Abersoch beach to the finish line. It's after the Great Manchester run but should be good training for the Great North Run in September. Cheshire is not known for it's hills so something like this should help prepare for the long incline at the back end of the GNR... Well that's the plan anyway!

Not really started the fund raising for the GNR/RNLI run yet but fund raising for the GMR/Isaiah Trust is going ok... £320 so far :-) - (our team page) & (my own page)... Thanks to all those who've donated so far... Very much appreciated!!!


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