Sunday, 31 May 2009

Less than a week to the Abersoch 10km for the RNLI!

Doesn't seem too long ago I was training in sleet and freezing temperatures! This morning's run was in clear blue skies and 24'c sunshine... This whilst fantastic is not ideal running weather... A complete energy sapper!

An ever so slight variation of the 'Romping Donkey' pub circuit (which has opened again!) until after the Abersoch 10km just to keep the regular training distance... A slow run of the 6.7 miles in 59 minutes.

Hope to get another run in midweek as a last training session before this coming Saturday's Abersoch 10km for the RNLI. The course is going to be quite a test! A mile of beach with some groynes thrown in & some soft sand, a very steep lane up off the beach on to the headland, some undulating roads for 3 miles before joining the beach again for another mile back to the start/finish line! I'd originally thought this would be good training for the Great North Run later this year, but I'm now not sure which will be most testing! :-) More details here...

You can support my run with a donation at if you like! It would be most welcome and goes to a very worthy cause!


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